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How Do I Fundraise for the Academy? 

Can I Get An Extension on Submitting My Deposit?

How Do I Get Work Off? 



1. Be yourself. If you're the brainy type who communicates better with a 2,000 word essay on why you're excited about Academy and what you'll gain by attending, write it. If you're a social media guru, communicate your enthusiasm with Tweets, Instas, Snaps, whatever the kids do these days. The key is to demonstrate your enthusiasm (this is something I'm devoting serious attention to and believe will meaningfully shape my life), your commitment (this isn't another flighty thing I'm going to try for a couple days). You show enthusiasm with emotions (think a short video with energy and reasons why this experience is important) and you show commitment by expending something that's valuable to you (think of the time you invest in researching the opportunity, reading about the faculty, digging up nuggets in their bios and from their books and talks, and sharing what kinds of questions you'd want to ask, what topics you'd want to explore with peers, what ventures in your notebook are dying to come alive).


2. Be confident. You're "selling" an investment opportunity in yourself! You know how much this experience could mean to you, how you'll be responsible in stewarding this resource well, how the Lord has created you and given you gifts, passions, and friendships. The people around you want a reason to be involved in your life. Let them know this is a significant way to support your growth, to help you realize your potential.


3. Have fun. Throw yourself a party. If getting to Academy were a Kickstarter campaign, what rewards would you offer your backers? If you were a movie, what would your premiere party be like? If Academy were a wedding, what party favors would you provide to your guests that could convey what you learned?


If you've been given a scholarship, then that scholarship is applied to your deposit and you'll only be charged 10% of your final tuition after the scholarship. Whether you received a scholarship, you still may be worried about making your deposit. We accepted you because we think you have a lot to offer the 2018 Academy class and want to help you claim your seat!

There's lots of reasons why you may need a few extra weeks to submit a deposit. We're here to help you, so if you need an extension - all you have to do is ask. 

To request a deposit extension, email the Academy team at with the following information: 

1. Why are you requesting a deposit?

2. How long of an extension do you need? When can we expect your deposit?

3. Do you have any concerns about covering the remainder portion of your tuition? What have you already done to fundraise?

Get WOrk off

We’ve seen a lot of Alumni have success in getting time off by framing Academy the right way. 
Explain how it's a great honor (we plan to accept less than 300 applicants from around the globe) to be accepted and that it's a great learning experience that shows your commitment to ongoing personal development

In addition to giving your employer that context, you can contact us and we would be happy to provide a custom letter about your acceptance to your employer. Just fill out this form.