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2019 Academy WEEK


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Academy Week serves as the on-ramp into our global community of next-generation creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs who seek to lead with redemptive action in business and nonprofits.

Each year Praxis accepts applications from undergraduates and recent graduates across all majors, sectors, and geographies to join the Academy. Those who are accepted attend Academy Week, where they meet a dynamic group of peers from around the globe and go through a multi-faceted learning experience that is led by 30 leading practitioners of Redemptive Entrepreneurship. The experience includes Keynotes, Startup Stories, Breakouts, Roundtables, Workshops, Discussion Groups and an Ideas Festival.


Academy week is an intensive-yet-restful and joy-filled experience that includes a variety of learning formats so that no two days are the same.

are main stage presentations from leading practitioners that can be applied to all members of the Academy community, no matter what stage they are at as an entrepreneur or innovator.

Breakouts are deep-dives on a key topic with a leading practitioner.

Roundtables are smaller conversations with mentors who spoke on the main stage — allowing participants to personally connect and ask follow up questions in an off the record setting.

Interactive Workshops are a time to roll up your sleeves and move your career or idea forward through a focused time led by a leader in the field. Sessions range from fundraising, crafting your pitch, designing prototypes, to designing your life and discovering how to chart a career path towards redemptive impact.

Examples of Previous Topics and Sessions: 

  • Culture Making: Reading and responding to the world around us

  • Becoming a Creative Minority: Influencing culture through creative participation

  • Redemptive Imagination: How the Gospel re-shapes our why, what, and how

  • Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping

  • Designing Your Life (led by the author of the bestselling book)

  • Loving a Broken World: Persistence amidst the struggle to create change

  • Silicon Valley, Technology, & the Future of Culture

  • Women who are leading the way in Entrepreneurship

  • Ambition, Startups, & Life Management

  • Get Backed: Raising capital for your idea (led by authors of the bestselling book)

  • Developing High-Level Mentoring Relationships & Building Advocates

Mentoring from leading practitioners

Academy is led by 25+ practitioners of redemptive entrepreneurship. This diverse group represents business, nonprofits, and social enterprises from around the globe — and each have a unique career path to share lessons from.

We think it's important for our Faculty to transcend the stage, so we create multiple opportunities throughout the week for personal engagement. One highlight: Participants have personal access to small-group conversations with the Faculty during Roundtables, where they are encouraged to ask tough, off-the-record questions. 

Meet some of our previous Faculty here.

COLLABORATe with inspiring peers

We create intentional opportunities to build a life-long peer community through:

Peer Roundtables: curated sessions centered on a common interest--be it a problem you're passionate about solving, a field of study, or a city you're moving to after graduation.

Ideas Festival: where anyone can share their idea or venture (even if it's in the beginning stages!) to ask for feedback and/or recruit potential co-founders.

Interactive Workshops: whether you're already working on an idea, or discerning your career path, these sessions are intentionally designed for you to lean on others for insight.

Unstructured Time: we think some of the best ideas and connections happen when people are just hanging out--whether it be enjoying a concert, eating some of SoCal's best tacos, or toasting some s'mores at the fire-pit, there are multiple opportunities to build new friendships.


Academy participants have multiple options for follow-on programs to continue developing as redemptive leaders.

Academy Campus Collective is a next-step for those who are innovative in their field but may not be looking to be a full-time entrepreneur right out of college. They go through a cohort based experience focused on applied learning and skill building. Applications to the Builders Collective will open at Academy 2019.

Emerging Founders is a next-step for a select group of top entrepreneurs who are either currently working full-time on a venture they started, or are looking to test viability to see if they can go full-time after graduation. Learn more.


Jobs at Redemptive Ventures // The Praxis Talent Network

Academy Alumni — especially those who participate in the Builders Collective and Emerging Founders — have special opportunities to apply for jobs at Redemptive Ventures in the Praxis Portfolio, which includes startups working in nearly every sector and over 40 countries around the globe. Learn more about the Talent Network.

The Praxis Academy community was amazing—to be around like-minded Christians who were passionate about the same things. This was by far the best-run conference I have ever attended.
— David, Economics major, Harvard


Academy SEEKS APPLICANTS WHO ARE entrepreneurial, ambitious, and serious about putting their faith into action.

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ALUMNI HAVE STUDIED 80+ combinations of majors

Redemptive work applies to every industry and requires a diversity of thought and skill sets. Each year we look for candidates that span this spectrum -- what knits them together is a shared faith and a bent toward participating in the renewal of all things through creatively using their talents and skills. 


Accounting & Finance

Architecture & Design

Aerospace Engineering


Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence


Biology / Pre-Med

Health Policy & Global Health

Chemical Engineering

Women's Studies 

Film, Theater, & Cinema Studies

Corporate Strategy

Creative Writing



Human and Organizational Development



Religious Studies

& over 65 more....


We're thrilled to have Alumni from some of the top schools -- both Christian and secular. If that's not you, don't let it be intimidating, we believe that top entrepreneurs & innovators can be found anywhere -- including non-traditional paths. You don't have to be enrolled at a college or university, but as a general guideline we look for next generation leaders around the age of a traditional undergraduate or recent graduate (18-26). 


Baylor University

University of California Berkeley

Brown University

The University of Chicago

Cornell University

Davidson College

Gordon College

Georgetown University

Harvard College

University of Michigan

New York University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Ohio State University

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

Reed College

University of Southern California

Stanford University

Vanderbilt University

University of Virginia

Washington University in St. Louis

Westmont College

Wheaton College

Yale University


HOW to join the 2019 Academy

Student Check in Academy 2017.jpg


  • Next Generation: current undergraduates or recent graduates (within the past ~5 years)

  • Creatives, Innovators, & Entrepreneurs: having a startup is not a prerequisite, but a demonstrated interest in redemptive work is important

  • Diverse in Thought, Background, and Interests: we encourage individuals and types of schools to apply

  • Serious about Faith, Life, & Vocational Excellence

  • Humble, Teachable, & Collaborative


Each year, we select a class of next-generation entrepreneurial and innovative leaders to be a part of the Academy through an online application process.

Applicants are reviewed by the Praxis Academy team and decisions are sent through email. Accepted applicants will need to make a $100 deposit to claim their seat within 14 days, but their balance is not due until the summer, allowing them to fundraise or search for scholarships to attend.

For best chance of selection and scholarship, we recommend applying in the Early Action round.


FUNDRAISING: We encourage candidates to be entrepreneurial to help offset program fees: we've seen success in creative crowd-funding, proposals to schools, pitches to mentors/friends, and even creating small businesses.

Through the generous support of donors, alumni and Partners, we are excited to provide thousands of dollars in scholarship to help students attend the Academy each summer. There are two main types of scholarships:  

NEED-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS: There is a Scholarship section in the application to share your financial situation to see if you qualify for a need-based scholarship. Apply in the Early Action round by March 1 for your best chance.

COHORT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS: Praxis Academy Partner Schools and certain organizations have scholarships set aside for their students. In the Scholarship section you will find a drop-down of the Schools and Organizations that have Cohort Scholarships available, simply select the one you are a part of. The organization will determine the scholarship allocations.


Each year a group of schools and organizations partner with Praxis to reserve full-scholarship seats for a cohort of their next generation leaders to be a part of the Academy. 

To apply for one of the Partner scholarships, use the drop-down in Section 01 of the Application and select the institution you are applying from. 

Learn more about our Partnerships here.

If you would like to inquire about providing scholarships, contact us.

Location & travel

Dates: July 29 - August 2, 2019

Location: Biola University, located just south of Los Angeles, California

Transportation: Shuttles are provided to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on the start and ending dates of Academy 2019.

Lodging and Food: Program Fees are all inclusive once you arrive in Los Angeles. Lodging is provided for 5 days and 4 nights (Monday 7/29 - Friday 8/2) on the Biola University campus, and all meals, snacks, and beverages are provided starting with dinner on Monday and ending with lunch on Friday. 

Program Costs

Our hope is to make the Academy accessible to all, regardless of financial means, through an extremely high-value program and a number of available scholarships.


  • there are no application, service, or credit card fees


  • includes all program materials, five days / four nights of lodging, all meals, snacks, & beverages throughout the event, and transportation to/from the airport (no need to rent a car)

  • payment plans are available — accepted applicants only need to make a small deposit to claim their seat and the remaining balance can be paid in the summer

Applications officially closed on May 1st for this year’s Academy Week. If you would like to apply to be on the waitlist for any potential openings for this year, please fill out this form and we will send you a link to the application.


Each year, we invite 25+ leading thinkers and practitioners of redemptive entrepreneurship to be on the Academy Faculty. They represent a cross-section of businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprise across an array of sectors, with ventures that are both domestic and international. Academy participants get personal access to the Faculty through workshops, breakouts, and roundtables. 

Below is a sample of our 2018 Academy Faculty, many of whom will be returning this summer. The 2019 Faculty will be announced soon.

Jessica Kim   CEO & Co-Founder Ianacare Praxis Venture Partner

Jessica Kim
CEO & Co-Founder Ianacare
Praxis Venture Partner

Dave Evans   Lecturer, Stanford Author,  Designing Your Life  Co-Founder, Electronic Arts

Dave Evans
Lecturer, Stanford
Author, Designing Your Life
Co-Founder, Electronic Arts

Andy Crouch   Partner, Praxis, Theology & Culture Author,  Culture Making; Playing God; Strong & Weak; The Tech Wise Family

Andy Crouch
Partner, Praxis, Theology & Culture
Author, Culture Making; Playing God; Strong & Weak; The Tech Wise Family

Nedgine Paul Delroy   Founder, Anseye Pou Ayiti Obama Fellow,  Forbes  30 under 30

Nedgine Paul Delroy
Founder, Anseye Pou Ayiti
Obama Fellow, Forbes 30 under 30

Brett Hagler   Co-Founder & CEO, New Story  Forbes  30 under 30

Brett Hagler
Co-Founder & CEO, New Story
Forbes 30 under 30

Brit Gilmore   The Giving Keys  Forbes  30 under 30

Brit Gilmore
The Giving Keys
Forbes 30 under 30

Peter Greer   CEO, HOPE International Author,  Mission Drift; The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

Peter Greer
CEO, HOPE International
Author, Mission Drift; The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

Anthony Flynn   Venture Partner, Praxis Founder & CEO, Gifted Author,  The Execution Pipeline

Anthony Flynn
Venture Partner, Praxis
Founder & CEO, Gifted
Author, The Execution Pipeline

interested in joining? Let us know.