A community of next-generation leaders pursuing redemptive innovation & impact

THE BUILDERS COLLECTIVE: A Next-step for entrepreneurial and innovative leaders within the academy community



After Academy Week, top members of the community are invited to be a part of the Builders Collective — a nine-month follow on program that helps build community, develop tactical skill sets, and grow in redemptive leadership. Successful Builders are given personal introductions to job opportunities in the praxis talent network and are prepared to start a high impact career.

2019-20 BUILDERS COLLECTIVE DETAILS & applications will be announced at academy 2019


collaborate & build with inspiring peers

We believe in the power of community and that shared experiences go further when we learn together. Builders go through the program as a community-centered cohort. In addition, they are placed in smaller pods which are selected based on industry, sector, or major.

Develop Relevant entrepreneurial Skill sets

Many successful entrepreneurs started out working in regular jobs — but they had a bent towards being innovative and strategic in their everyday work to help develop towards realizing their entrepreneurial goals.

Grow in Redemptive Leadership

Redemptive Leadership is a life-long journey best done in community. Through a series of readings, videos, and discussions, Builders apply lessons from leading practitioners of redemptive entrepreneurship to their own work and personal leadership.

Apply to Academy 2019 to be CONSIDERED FOR THE 2019-20 BUILDERS COLLECTIVE