Brian Grasso

Simple Charity


Brian Grasso is the Founder and CEO of Simple Charity. After raising sixty thousand dollars for the global poor with a group of friends his senior year of high school, Brian went to Duke to learn more about how to translate passion for a cause into effective action. He graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Global Health in 3½ years. During his college career, Brian co-founded Duke Crux, a new journal of Christian thought within the Augustine Collective network. He also interned with the nonprofit Just One Africa in Kenya for four months, studied abroad in China, and oversaw Simple Charity as it grew to five college chapters throughout the southeast. He is now building Simple Charity full-time with his newlywed wife Savanna in the upstairs apartment of Duke’s Christian study center in Durham, NC.


Simple Charity started when a high school Bible study community sought application to Jesus’s radical words about caring for the poor. In Simple Charity’s first year, a dozen students raised over sixty thousand dollars for nonprofits that work around the world. The original team went to various colleges and brought their heart for the poor with them, starting chapters of the club throughout the southeast. After obtaining 501c3 status in 2017, Simple Charity honed its mission to cultivate love by promoting the practice of liturgies of solidarity with the global poor. Simple Charity helps the local church practice solidarity with the global poor by engaging college students, conducting research, producing content, and simplifying generosity.