Christian lee

Flame Broiler


Christian Lee is an entrepreneurial leader in the restaurant industry with a vision to rewrite the narrative of how people see fast food. Beyond expediency and convenience, Christian sees fast food as a means for redeeming communities, holistic health, and valuing people. After graduating from USC, he has endeavored to forge a new chapter for the family business, Flame Broiler, to further expand the influence and social impact of the company.  


Flame Broiler is a restaurant franchise with almost 200 locations across 7 states. From its beginnings as a single family-owned restaurant in 1995, Flame Broiler has been challenging the status quo of the fast food industry with the way it creates food and operates under human-centric systems. Behind every Korean-inspired bowl is Flame Broiler's mission of providing healthy, quality meals for all people in all neighborhoods, with prices designed to reflect this accessibility. Love is a business principle, a culture and a deep value of the company, and has been woven into the fabric of Flame Broiler from its suppliers, employees, franchisees, and all the way down to its guests.