Greg Guggenmos

Community Bail Fund of North Texas


Greg Guggenmos is the founder and executive director of the Community Bail Fund of North Texas. An explorer at heart, Greg navigates life with curiosity and energy which has led him down many divergent paths. Greg attended Southern Methodist University and completed a dual bachelor/master’s in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics. Prior to school, he spent a year in the Texas Legislature writing and advocating for legislation that protected educational and family rights. In addition to running the bail fund, Greg also works as the Law & Statistics coordinator at the Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center at SMU.  He aspires to recenter human flourishing at the heart of public policy, technology, and data science. 


The Community Bail Fund of North Texas is building a more just America by engaging and evolving the pretrial justice system. The fund exposes flaws in pretrial detention by paying bail for poor defendants and developing innovative, evidence-based alternatives to pretrial punishment. Our work allows people to navigate the criminal justice system in a fair way and illuminates better policy that reduces incarceration, confronts injustice, and saves millions of dollars that would otherwise be spent locking people away.