Han Ju SEO

Asian Creative Network


Han Ju Seo is a rising 4th year at Washington University in St. Louis studying psychology and anthropology. She has long been an advocate for marginalized communities, and hopes to spend her life in the service of others. Han Ju is especially passionate about mental health, the Asian diaspora, and living a life of empathy. When she’s not running to dance practice Han Ju can be found daydreaming, tattered notebook in hand, wondering how she could make the world a little bit brighter.  


Asian Creative Network is a community of Asian creatives that dare to break social and cultural boundaries to chase their dreams. What started off as a simple Facebook post has now grown to a 25,000 person collective spanning 30+ cities and 20+ Industries. Since its creation ACN has inspired hundreds of collaborations, projects, and meetups, with thousands of people taking advantage of this untapped talent. While a grassroots movement now, ACN has the potential to elicit change for the Asian creative on a global scale.