MollyKate Cline

MollyKate Cline LLC.


MollyKate Cline is a 20 year old fashion designer with a love for creating delicate, feminine, and eco-friendly clothing pieces for women. Driven by her faith, MollyKate strives to bring awareness to sustainability within the fashion industry. Her work has been nationally recognized in magazines such as "Teen Vogue" and Focus on the Family's, "Brio", as well as on the runway at Los Angeles and New York Fashion Week. On her podcast, "Rooted in Love" MollyKate helps aim millennial shoppers away from fast fashion, and towards bettering the planet through their daily clothing choices.


MollyKate Cline LLC. is an online clothing shop with eco-friendly pieces, and an educational resource for millennial women to learn how to live a more sustainable life through their clothing. All clothing pieces and accessories sold in the shop are handmade here in the United States, with 100% biodegradable natural materials. Our faith based mission is to inspire women to always dress for a life that is rooted in love.