Will Long



Will is a recent graduate of Harvard where he was a Joint Concentrator in Computer Science and Government with a focus on AI and political philosophy. His professional background is primarily in Silicon Valley tech, developing machine vision algorithms for Amazon and building data integration and analysis capabilities last year at Palantir Technologies for US civil and military agencies. At school, he was heavily involved with various political groups including the Anscombe Society, Harvard Right


Numinar is a startup that’s reimagining the way politics is conducted and the relationship people have with their public officials. We're using the power of AI to autonomously uncover the most important issues voters care about and help candidates address and incorporate that into their campaign outreach. We emphasize the importance of grassroots engagement to campaigns by providing integrated outreach tools to directly contact voters via door knocking, phone, text, mail, social media, and email. By leveraging a SaaS model, Numinar offers the increasingly crucial ability to perform data-driven targeted outreach to smaller, down-ballot races, campaigns that don't have the backing of big party infrastructures. Politics and campaigns have historically been the most difficult fields to innovate and transform, but also, we believe, the most important ones to bring redemptive entrepreneurship to. We hope Numinar can be a vehicle to help make American democracy stronger and healthier.