How to become an ambassador

You'll become an Ambassador after earning 30 points, but with additional points
you'll get some bonus perks. You can earn points between now and April 1st. Check out what you can earn.

There are two ways to earn points for becoming an Ambassador:

Nominate a  Friend

Submit referrals using our referral form and you'll receive introduction emails in your inbox. Forward those emails to your nominees and you'll earn 2 points for each nominee. 

Each time one of your nominee submits an application, you'll receive 10 points. 

Convincing people to come to Academy won’t take much work, but convincing someone who doesn’t know us can be tougher. We spend all year working with our partner schools to recruit for Academy but if you introduce us to someone from a non-partner school who doesn’t know us, we'll give you a bonus 5 points. Because the only thing we love more than friends is NEW friends.


host an

Host a Preview Event on your campus to introduce your community to the Academy. And yes- you get points for applications that come from those event attendees.

You'll earn 10 points for the event, and additional points for every referral and application that comes from event guests.

Events are meant to be held in your dorm room or a meeting for your on-campus ministry. Sign up below and we'll send you everything you need to host a great event.