The Praxis Academy Community of over 700 next-generation creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs have largely come through relationships. We’d greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word and hope the toolkit will make it easy. If you have suggestions on other materials you’d like, drop us a line.



If you’d like to share a post on Social Media to let others know about the opportunity to apply to Academy Week, we’ve created two square images that can be used on any platform to share about the opportunity. Feel free to use your own copy to describe your Academy experience and encourage people to apply.

We encourage you to share about the impact Academy had on you in your posting; if you’d like to use base-copy, feel free to use the below or modify it in any way you’d like to share how you feel about the Academy Week opportunity:

Praxis Academy is building a global community of creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are known for redemptive action in the world. Apply to Academy 2019 by May 1 at — meet inspiring peers from around the globe, chart your path toward a high-impact career, and learn from 25+ leading practitioners of redemptive entrepreneurship.



Whether you want to print flyers or need a slide for an announcement in a class or at an event, we’ve got you covered.

*Note the Image for Slide Decks is formatted as a 16:9 widescreen image that can be inserted directly into a Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google-Slide presentation. Depending on the version of your software, you may need to re-size the image to fit the format of your presentation. Just be sure to keep the proportions in tact.

Praxis Academy 2019 Flyer for Digital.jpeg