Praxis Academy 2018

TEXAS A&M University

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February 27 // 7:30 PM // Allen Building, Room 1108

Each August, top next-generation leaders from across the world gather outside of LA to explore how faith calls us to creatively respond to the world's most pressing issues through innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In February, you can access a Preview event hosted by an Academy alumni to learn more about the idea of redemptive entrepreneurship. Hosted by Jon Hart, Director of Praxis Academy, this event allows you to hear from three practitioners on how they are working out their faith in their vocation and discuss it with a group of like-minded peers.


keynote SPEAKER


Keynote from Dave Evans // Grace Reframed and Bias to Action

Dave Evans invites us into experiencing a fuller life by reframing grace and calling us into a life of "doing stuff". From saving the seals to solving the energy crisis, from imagining the first computer mice to redefining software, Dave Evans has been on a life-long mission to discover his own vocation. He eventually found his calling in helping people find their own freedom and vocation, and inspiring and teaching them how to step out, even when it calls for a leap of faith. Dave is an adjunct lecturer in Stanford's design program and co-founder of Electronic Arts.

Pitches from praxis fellows


Brit Gilmore // The Giving Keys

Brit Gilmore is President of The Giving Keys. Brit is passionate about job creation for community transformation and using business to build self-esteem and break cycles of poverty. The Giving Keys has pioneered a model of integrating fashion, social good, and inspirational words to impact the lives of others within and beyond the walls of the company. The company employs people transitioning out of homelessness and creates a line of inspirational products that has generated a pay it forward movement.


Alexander McLean // African Prisons Project

Alexander McLean is Founder and Director of African Prisons Project. After witnessing degrading conditions during his gap year travels to East Africa, Alexander dedicated his life to the welfare of prisoners and reform of the justice system in Africa and beyond. He is passionate about justice, having trained as a barrister and sat as magistrate in the UK courts for 10 years. Alexander is a Senior TED Fellow, Ashoka Fellow and UK Young Philanthropist of the Year. He appears in Time magazine’s “30 Under 30 Changing the World” and “Powerlist,” featuring Britain's most influential people of African/African Caribbean heritage.