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CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance into the Academy 2018 Class! 

We can't wait for you to experience Praxis Academy. You'll share meals and late-night conversations with a peer group full of inspiring, passionate innovators. You'll engage with the Faculty, world-class entrepreneurs and cultural thinkers who are at the forefront of this work. And along the way, we hope you discover something special: a personal vision for how to participate in God's redemptive work in the world. 

So let's get started! We have event details to share and we'll need your to claim your seat.


Per your application, please confirm your seat by submitting a $100 Deposit, or Full Payment within 14 days of your acceptance.  Your program fee covers your entire Academy experience, including materials, meals, snacks, lodging, and ground transportation to and from the airport (if flying).  

If you received one of the limited need-based scholarships, please check your acceptance email for critical details on your registration and follow the instructions. If you're financially strapped and need that summer paycheck to kick-in, we'd be happy to discuss payment options with you. Just email us.


While your full event schedule won't be revealed until your arrival, we'd be curious too, so here are a few details.

Academy Begins: Monday July 30, 3:00pm
Academy Concludes: Friday August 3, 1:00pm

  • Each day will have a variety of activities including content from our Faculty, breakouts, workshops, group discussions, conversations over meals, and some entertainment mixed in (we're working on having our friends from The Brilliance join us for a private concert and more!). 
  • You'll pre-register for some of your sessions (breakouts and workshops), and others you'll register for on-site. This allows for maximum flexibility, and you choose which of the speakers you'd like to meet for smaller conversations during the infamous roundtables.
  • We'll have an Idea Pitch Night, where everyone will have a chance to give a 90-second pitch on an idea or cause they're passionate about. It's a way to connect with potential co-founders or people you may end up working with someday, as well as hear some really inspiring ideas. 
  • Overall, your days will be full -- since we're only together for a short time we pack a lot in -- and there will be significant emphasis placed on being present to build the life-long relationships we often see come out of the community.  Bottom line: we think you'll want to be fully present and recommend you plan ahead. Communicate with your team / co-founders / co-workers know that you'll be completely unplugged. 


We're excited to be on the beautiful Biola University campus, located 30 miles outside of Los Angeles in La Mirada, CA.  All events, meals, and lodging are on campus, so there will be no need to rent a car. 

We provide arrival shuttles on Monday from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Biola, and a return shuttle on Friday from Biola back to LAX.  In order to arrive on time for the event kickoff, and back to the airport with enough time to catch your departing flight, you must book in the following time-frames: 

Arriving Flights
Arrive at LAX Airport no later than 12:00pm Pacific Time on Monday, July 30

*if you absolutely cannot book a flight in by 12pm PT (i.e. an international flight that arrives at 12:45pm), please consult us before by emailing We will do our best to accommodate international flights, as we understand the schedules can be difficult.

Departing Flights
Depart from LAX Airport after 5:00pm Pacific Time on Friday, August 3

Driving or Arriving to LA by Bus or Train
For those planning to drive on your own or be dropped off, please arrive on Biola's campus by 1:30pm on Monday, 7/30. 

For those arriving by bus or train to L.A., we recommend finding a way to get to LAX Airport by 12:00pm PT so you can make the airport shuttle. You may also take local transportation and arrive on campus on your own.

Travel Survey & How to Get on the Shuttle
We will be sending a travel survey out in June to get your travel plans. If you're flying in, we will send your final shuttle assignment and how to find them at LAX a week before the event. 


There is an option to arrive early and stay at Biola on Saturday 7/28 or Sunday 7/29 for an additional fee.  Please note you'll need to arrange for your own transportation to campus, and there may be limited meal service.  To inquire, please email us. 


If you're as excited as we are about Academy 2018, give a shout out on social media! If you're on Twitter or Instagram, we're @praxislabs and also on Facebook -- we'll be using #Academy2018.

This website will serve as your central point of communication for all details related to the event and we'll be updating content along the way. We'll also send you emails on next steps and your onboarding survey (including registering for breakout sessions prior to the event, rooming preferences, transportation details, etc.), and recommend adding to your contacts so these important messages make it to your inbox. 

Should you have any questions that aren't answered on any of the pages on this event site, give us a shout over email at 

Again, congratulations on your acceptance. We can't wait to see you on July 30! 

Jon, Mary Elizabeth, & the Praxis Team

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Jon Hart
Partner, Praxis
Praxis Academy Lead